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After pioneering the extrusion of Nylon11 in the early 1960’s in Adelaide, South Australia, Ivan Packham established Brotec, a plastic tubing extrusion company with a focus in the pneumatics field, in 1989. Today, Brotec is one of Australia’s leading plastic extrusion companies, still offering quality plastic tube to a number of industries. Though our products and services, manufacturing capacity and capability, and customer portfolio has expanded since that time, Brotec remains committed to delivering the personalized service that was founded in 1989. In fact, Brotec is proud to state that today, after decades of continued plastic extrusion, many of our first clients remain loyal customers.

Experienced Plastic Extrusion Services
Brotec specialises in both industry standard and customised plastic tubing, providing reputable plastic extrusion services. Our company has the expertise to tailor nylon or polyethylene tubing to your unique business requirements. Brotec offers specialised plastic extrusion to custom manufacturing standard to ensure our customers can obtain the plastic tube best suited to their application.Generally specializing in the smaller size range for pneumatics, we can custom make your tubing up to approximately 38mm outside diameter.

Industry Standard Products
Brotec nylon and polyethylene tubing is made to withstand Australian conditions and meets Australian Standards. As one of Australia’s most experienced plastic extrusion companies, Brotec supplies quality polyethylene and nylon tube to a large range of industries across Australia including transport, mining, hospitality and manufacturing.

Technical Support and Assistance
Brotec managers and technicians offer technical support and on-going assistance at all stages of plastic extrusion, from ordering through to production and supply. This assistance enables us to provide tailored solutions for customer’s individual plastic tubing requirements.

A Friendly, Professional Service
Brotec ensures customers speak with experienced people in the industry and aims to deliver open, honest communication with each client. Our reliable, friendly staff give customers realistic lead times and delivery schedules, strengthening our commitment and priority to customer service.

A Family First Business
Ivan Packham guided members of his family in this specialist field, ensuring quality nylon and polyethylene tubing would continue to be created years on. Each staff member has the expertise to run machines and have the knowledge to ensure a consistent high standard plastic tubing extrusion. The quality service, knowledge and expertise delivered by each staff member is completed in a professional, friendly manner.

Brotec continues to deliver the same quality polyethylene and nylon tube extrusion as Mr Packham first undertook in 1960.

Brotec has a commitment to maintaining a sustainable processing operation. A fully reticulated water supply is employed in the processing of plastic materials and all waste materials are recycled, by donation to re-processors, and not destined for land fill.

To learn how Brotec can provide standard or customised polyethylene tubing or nylon tube to your business’ plastic extrusion requirements, call (03) 9770 8787 or submit an online contact form.

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