Customised and Industry Standard Nylon Tubing

Nylon6 is mainly used as an engineering plastic. However, tubing made with Nylon6 exhibits excellent strength for weight and has a natural tendency to be anti-static. Nylon6 is hygroscopic and when this tubing has absorbed enough moisture to reach equilibrium it is deemed to have anti- static properties.

Nylon 11 is a type of nylon tubing made from castor oil. This organic based material is available in a number of specialist configurations to suit your application. Nylon11 would be the material of choice if the working conditions were in the range of -40degC and up to 120degC. Nylon11 performs 20degC lower than Nylon12 and 40degC higher than Nylon12. Nylon11 might be considered as an alternative to Teflon tubing in an elevated temperature environment.

Flexible Tubing

Flexible Nylon11 tubing has excellent impact resistance, especially at lower temperatures, and is available in sizes 1/8″ O.D. to 1″ O.D. and 4mm O.D. to 16mm O.D. Tubing manufactured from this material conforms to the Australian Standard for pneumatic lines and has a minimum burst pressure of 1000psi/8MPa and a working pressure of 250psi/2MPa with a safety factor of 4:1.

Semi-Rigid Tubing

Nylon11 Semi-Rigid material does not contain plasticiser. This material is fairly rigid when extruded as a tube and is manufactured to Australian Standards for use in pneumatic and light hydraulic applications. This tubing has a minimum burst pressure of 2500psi/17MPa and a working pressure of 625psi/4MPa with a safety factor of 4:1. Tubing made from this material is ideal for permanent installations. Nylon11 semi rigid material also has some food contact approvals.

Graphite Impregnated Tubing

This material is a Nylon11 semi-rigid material that contains graphite to give it self-lubricating properties. Usually used as an engineering plastic and custom sized.

Nylon12 material is compounded from mineral oil (petrochemical) and has surpassed Nylon11 as the most popular nylon in industrial use today. It is heat and light stabilised and has an operating temperature of between -20degC and 80degC with good pressure ratings and abrasion and impact resistance. As with Nylon11, Nylon12 meets the same extensive chemical resistance capabilities. This tubing is ideal for the conveyance of liquids, gases and air.

Flexible Tubing

Brotec Nylon12 flexible tubing is available in sizes 1/8″ O.D. to 1″ O.D. and 4mm O.D. to 16mm O.D. Pneumatic tubing manufactured from this material is made to Australian Standards and has a minimum burst pressure of 1000psi/7MPa with a working pressure of 250psi/2MPa with a 4:1 safety factor. Nylon12 is industry standard material for use in pneumatic tubing and for automotive applications. Nylon12 is strong and lightweight with excellent flexibility, pressure rating and chemical resistance.

Semi Rigid Tubing

Brotec Nylon12 semi rigid tubing is capable of handling high pressure up to 2500psi/17MPa minimum burst and has a working pressure of 625psi/4.3MPa with a 4:1 safety factor. Brotec semi rigid tubing is manufactured for use in high pressure pneumatics, light hydraulic applications and grease lines.

Self Store Hose

Made from flexible Nylon12, Brotec self store hose is helically thermal formed, for use with hand held air tools and used on moving machinery on process lines. This hose has great retractability for use in tight working areas. This product has a burst pressure of 700psi/4.8MPa and a working pressure of 125psi/.8MPa with a 4:1 safety factor. Self store hose is manufactured in a safety yellow colour.

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