As a leading plastic tubing extrusion company, Brotec has the modern facilities to provide quality plastic tubing and piping for many industries.

With a focus on the pneumatics field, we specialise in both industry standard and customised plastic tubing and piping.

Custom Tubing Abilities

Backed up by the expertise of our staff, Brotec’s facilities in Melbourne have the ability to customise nylon or polyethylene tubing as per our customer’s exacting requirements.

We are expert at smaller size range for pneumatics and we have the equipment to be capable of making customised tubing up to approximately 38mm outside diameter.

Brotec has a range of materials available and our expert staff can advise customer’s on what’s the best material to use based on their application.

Sustainable Operations

As one of Australia’s leading plastic tube extrusion companies, our facilities have also been established to ensure we operate sustainably. At our plant we have a fully reticulated water supply which is used during plastic material processing and any waste materials produced are properly recycled.

Our products have been made with Australian conditions in mind and meet all set standards. The size of our facilities also makes it possible for us to service a broad range of industries such as:

Hospitality – Tubing for food and beverage conveyance applications.

Agriculture – Many uses such as irrigation systems, drip lines, weed and pest spraying.

Mining – Various applications and customisation options.

Automotive – We provide quality plastic tubes for fuel lines, gas lines, air brake lines and laboratory testing.

Science – Brotec’s technical knowledge and exacting specifications is sought by universities and institutes.

Marine – Our semi-rigid nylon tubes have been used to manufacture power assisted steering hoses for marine vessels.

From nylon tubing through to custom plastic piping Brotec has the capabilities and know-how to meet your tubing and piping needs while providing solid technical support and assistance. For further information phone 03 9770 8787 or enquire online.

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