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What kinds of polyethylene tubing do you manufacture?

Brotec manufactures low, medium and high density polyethylene tubing for a number of industries. The low density polyethylene tubing is ideal for irrigation, low pressure pneumatics, water sampling, chemical lines, beverage conveyance and for food contact applications. The medium density polyethylene tubing is an ideal compromise between the hardness of High Density and the flexibility of Low Density. The high density polyethylene tubing is used for fixed pneumatic installations or food and beverage networks.

What industries can use your plastic tube?

Brotec nylon pressure tubing and polyethylene tubing is utilised in numerous industries and can be used for a variety of applications. Brotec tube is used in Hospitality, Agriculture, Mining, Automotive, Science, Defence, Marine, Industrial sector.

What kind of plastic tube do you manufacture?

Brotec manufactures low, medium and high density polyethylene and flexible and semi rigid nylon tube. Brotec provides nylon tube in nylon 11 and 12. Both nylon and polyethylene tubing can be manufactured to Australian standard or customised to your business requirements.

Do you work with other plastic extrusion companies?

Brotec is a family owned and operated plastic extrusion company and operates as a sole trader. Brotec has been in business since 1989 and is thoroughly experienced in plastic extrusion. Our company offers quality nylon and polyethylene tubing to a number of industries including automotive, hospitality and mining.

Do you manufacture plastic pipe?

Brotec manufactures and supplies plastic pipe in a variety of materials including nylon, high density polyethylene and polypropylene. Brotec manufactures this product to order in sizes up to 38mm O.D.

Can you supply plastic tubing?

Brotec manufacture and supply tubing in various plastics materials. Nylon is commonly used for air tools and air supply around factories and low density polyethylene and polypropylene, which have a lower burst pressure rating than nylon, are often found in areas where food grade approved products are required.

Can you manufacture tubing with custom specifications?

Brotec can manufacture and supply most sizes of tubing and pipe to customer specifications. A variety of materials are available and Brotec are happy to advise on the appropriate product for the application.

Can you manufacture tubing in longer lengths than the standard 100 metres?

Brotec can manufacture longer lengths of tubing to your specifications but the lengths obtainable are dependent on the O.D. size of the tubing and the weight. Brotec uses sturdy white corrugated polypropylene packaging reels that are ideal for use in the field as they will not fall apart when wet, as happens with cardboard reels. Brotec polypropylene reels are recyclable. Brotec can also supply wooden reels that are custom made for more “heavy duty” applications.

What is the largest size plastic extrusion that Brotec manufacture?

Brotec are currently tooled to manufacture up to 38mm O.D. pipe and tubing. Brotec class this work as an engineering plastic application and is made to customer specifications. Materials commonly used are low density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and polypropylene.

What is the difference between Brotec Nylon11 and Nylon12?

The differences between Nylon11 and Nylon12 are relatively minimal especially when the product is used in a pneumatic application. Nylon11 is compounded from castor oil and the Nylon12 is compounded from oil. Their chemical resistance, moisture absorption, specific weight, hardness and elongation at break are the same. Nylon11 however, does perform at temperatures higher and lower than Nylon12.

What is the operating temperature of Brotec Nylon11 and Nylon 12?

Brotec Nylon11 operates at temperatures from -40degC up to 120degC and Nylon12 operates at -20degC up to 80degC.The point to remember is that tubing rated at 1000psi minimum burst is calculated at 20degC and as the working temperature increases the burst pressure decreases.

Can I have tubing and pipe branded with my company name?

Brotec have the ability to mark tubing and pipe to customers’ requirements but some limitations do apply. Brotec are happy to discuss your custom branding needs.

What profiles do Brotec manufacture?

Brotec are unable to manufacture profile shapes other than round. Brotec specializes in tubing and pipe manufacture and supply only.

Does Brotec manufacture a transparent tubing or pipe?

Brotec’s product range mainly consists of Nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene, all of which, in their natural state, are opaque. Fluids can be visible especially if not clear fluids, but the heavier the wall thickness, the harder it will be to see the flow.

I need a self-store hose to stretch over 15 metres. Which one do I get?

Brotec self-store hose is manufactured in 3 lengths. They are 7.5 metres, 15 metres and 30 metres. These lengths relate to the linear amount of tubing in the coil. To ascertain the working length you need to divide the linear length by 2. Brotec recommend that you only stretch the coil out to 50% of its linear length. Therefore a 7.5 metre coil will have a working length of 3-4 metres, a 15 metre coil will have a working length of 7.5 metres and a 30 metre coil will have a working length of 15 metres. If the coils are continually extended beyond their specified working length they lose their ability to retract.

I’ve noticed that our self-store hose is not retracting as it once did?

The reason for this could be that you have not purchased the correct length of hose to cover your working length or as time goes by the hoses do show signs of stretching and it is a simple matter of turning the coil inside out, which will add a little longer life to the product.

I’m not sure if I should use low density polyethylene or nylon for my pneumatic lines?

Brotec nylon and polyethylene are both suitable for use in pneumatic systems. You need to consider the burst pressures that you require and the working conditions of the tubing. Nylon has a burst pressure of 1000psi and polyethylene tubing has a burst pressure of 600psi. However, whilst Nylon operates at between -20degC and 120degC, the polyethylene will perform up to 65degC but with a much reduced burst pressure.

I’m looking for D.O.T. air brake tubing. What does this mean?

Brotec air brake tubing is manufactured to several standards such as the European DIN74324 and the American standards J844 Type A and J1394 Type A. When D.O.T. is specified it relates to the American standards. The fittings are also specified D.O.T. which stands for the American Department of Transport. Brotec air brake tubing is manufactured to D.O.T. specifications.

Is Brotec nylon and polyethylene tubing and pipe UV stabilized?

Brotec Nylon 11 and 12 material is compounded with heat and UV stabilizers and the tubing and pipe performs well in an outside environment. To enhance the UV stabilization we always recommend using black tubing and pipe. Brotec polyethylene does not have an inbuilt UV stabilizer and can be added on request.

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