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Brotec is an Australian based plastic extrusion company specialising in the manufacture and supply of customised plastic tube and piping. As experienced poly tubing manufacturers, we can be relied upon to provide the highest quality products and an outstanding service to match.

We have been supplying Australian industry with quality nylon and polyethylene tube for more than 50 years and have become one of Australia’s leading plastic extrusion companies. As such, we have built a reputation for reliability, quality and above all, personalised service.

Our product range can be found across numerous industries and a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, hospitality and engineering. From large scale production and supply, to tailored nylon tube solutions manufactured to order, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver exactly what you need.

Brotec is committed to total customer satisfaction and provides efficient, flexible plastic extrusion practices that adhere to this commitment. Our nylon and polyethylene tubing is manufactured to industry standards and can be engineered to specific requirements.

To learn how we can cater to your business’ plastic extrusion requirements, call (03) 9770 8787 or submit an online contact form.

Trusted Plastic Tube Suppliers

We specialise in both industry standard and customised synthetic tubing, providing reputable plastic extrusion services. Our company has the expertise to tailor-make nylon or polyethylene tubing to unique business requirements.

We offer specialised plastic extrusion to custom manufacturing standards to ensure our customers can obtain the product best suited to their application.

Reliable, Friendly Service

As one of Australia’s trusted plastic tube suppliers of choice, Brotec takes every care to ensure we provide a professional, friendly service for every customer. Enquiries are dealt with by a passionate and technically experienced team boasting years of plastic extrusion experience. There’s no question they can’t handle –give them a call or email today.

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